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+32 484 14 80 57

Protection of People and Property

People and property protection: Our target is ensuring your safety.


People and property protection: Our target is ensuring your safety.

Provided by 'Private Protection'


Protection of People and Property

Our company’s objective is to meet all your needs by providing you with discrete and effective close protection and/or security advices,
which gives you increased peace of mind and freedom. 
You can be sure that we always make a point of respecting our key values : 
discretion, expertise, integrity and flexibility.

Our services are available in Belgium, worldwide and combine human and technical means to reach our objectives.
We are a team of multi-skilled and highly flexible partners.

Our Private Protection pillar is designed to deliver three specific tiers of services, in accordance with Belgian law :

Protection of People and Property : We offer you customized security solutions.
Security Consultancy Services : We give recommendations to optimize your safety.
Advanced Security Training Courses : We traine and improve the skill of your staff.

Private Protection is a company recognized by the Federal Public Service for Home Affairs under the registration number 16.0273.12