Private Security

Provided by 'Private Protection'

Discretion and Expertise

Our company’s objective is to meet all your needs by providing you with discrete and effective close protection and/or security advices,
which gives you increased peace of mind and freedom. 
You can be sure that we always make a point of respecting our key values : 
discretion, expertise, integrity and flexibility.

Our services are available in Belgium, worldwide and combine human and technical means to reach our objectives.
We are a team of multi-skilled and highly flexible partners.

Our Private Protection pillar is designed to deliver three specific tiers of services, in accordance with Belgian law :

Protection of People and Property : We offer you customized security solutions.
Security Consultancy Services : We give recommendations to optimize your safety.
Advanced Security Training Courses : We traine and improve the skill of your staff.

Private Protection is a company recognized by the Federal Public Service for Home Affairs under the registration number 16.0273.12